We are KCPC DC



Order of Worship

  • Call to Worship - Psalm 150

  • Opening Praise

    Praise Team

  • Faith Confession - Apostles’ Creed


  • Congregational Prayer

    Jessica Kim

  • Scripture Reading - Exodus Exodus 15:1-19


  • Children's Message

    Intern Andrew Kwon

  • Sermon Series: “You Shall Know That I Am…”
    Sermon Title: “The God of Praise”

    Rev. Daniel Kwon

  • Response Praise

    Praise Team

  • Offering


  • Offering Prayer

    Rev. Daniel Kwon

  • Benediction

    Rev. Daniel Kwon

  • Announcements

    Sunjoo Lee


  • Welcome

    Welcome to KCPC DC! Praise God as we start our KCPC DC Campus!

  • Children's Ministry

    Starting on the second week of June, we will have a separate room for our Kids Ministry here at the Hotel; in the meantime, please check out the videos created by our three lovely interns every week at our KCPC DC YouTube channel!

  • Membership Class

    We are currently in week three of membership classes!

  • Follow-up

    If you are watching this worship service, we would love to follow up with you. Please click on this link so that our members can get to know you and when possible, we can finally meet together.

  • On-Site Worship

    Please go to dc.kcpc.org for more information to sign-up. Sign-up is required for in-person attendance. I know we are excited to come have in-person worship, but we must prioritize safety protocols for our people. Please promptly make your way out at the end of the worship service to limit contact with others.

  • Get the Latest

    Please follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and our website for more information to keep up with the latest as we begin KCPC DC.

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