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  • Welcome

    Welcome to KCPC DC! Praise God as we start our KCPC DC Campus!

  • Situation

    For this Sunday’s worship, we decided to go completely virtual because we found out about a member’s potential exposure. Rather than waiting for test results, we are proactively responding, beyond CDC guidelines. Although we have been taking precautions in our in-person meetings (masks, social distancing), our members have decided to get tested. So far, the results are coming out negative. Though our in-person test-runs have been so blessed, we’re taking this opportunity to rest a bit. We will be increasing protocols to ensure safety for our in-person worship.

  • Follow-up

    If you are watching this worship service, we would love to follow up with you. Please click on this link so that our members can get to know you and when possible, we can finally meet together.

  • Send-off Service

    Next Sunday January 3, 2021 10am we will be joining our worship service with KCPC Main Campus where they will be sending us off. If you are able, you are more than welcome to join the worship at the main campus. If not, please join our worship at www.kcpc.org

  • Hard Launch

    Our hard launch will be on January 10, 2021 at Arlington Centric Hotel in Rosslyn, Arlington. Please go to dc.kcpc.org for more information to sign-up. Sign-up is required for in-person attendance.

  • Christmas Love Offering

    Thank you so much for the offering/gifts. We have postponed our Prayer Walk and will update you all soon. We want to let you know how your contributions have blessed others. If you would like to contribute, please go to the website page.

  • Get the Latest

    Please follow us on Twitter and our website for more information to keep up with the latest as we begin KCPC DC.

Order of Worship

  • Call to Worship - Psalm 117

    Rev. Sam Lee

  • Opening Praise

    Praise Team

  • Faith Confession - Apostles’ Creed


  • Congregational Prayer

    Susie Ahn

  • Scripture Reading - Acts 5:1-11


  • Sermon - Give it All You Got

    Rev. Daniel Kwon

  • Response Praise

    Praise Team

  • Offering


  • Offering Prayer

    Rev. Daniel Kwon

  • Benediction

    Rev. Daniel Kwon

  • Announcements

    Sunjoo Lee

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