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  • Welcome

    Welcome to KCPC DC! Praise God as we start our KCPC DC Campus!

  • Work in Progress

    From December to January, we will be test-running our worship to ensure safety for in-person attendance. Though we are testing our processes, this is still genuine worship. We strongly encourage people to join our worship online. We have limited walk-in availability during our test runs.

  • Hard Launch

    Our hard launch will be on January 10, 2021. Please go to dc.kcpc.org for more information to sign-up. Sign-up is required for in-person attendance.

  • Post-Service Prayer

    For the next few weeks, we will be praying together after service as a church: for our church, pastors, members, the city, etc. For those who are here with us in person, you are more than welcome to join us in a time of prayer. There will be no post-service prayer on December 20, 2020 because of another event.

  • Christmas Love Offering

    Christmas reminds us that we have been gifted with the blessing of Christ. In that spirit of Christmas, we want to bless others. We are collecting funds to bless people in need in the Rosslyn area. On December 27th, after our worship, we will be going on a prayer walk and handing off prepared gifts. If you would like to contribute, please go to the website page.

  • Get the Latest

    Please follow us on Twitter and our website for more information to keep up with the latest as we begin KCPC DC.

Order of Worship

  • Call to Worship - Psalm 34:4-7

    Rev. Sam Lee

  • Opening Praise

    Praise Team

  • Faith Confession - Apostles’ Creed


  • Scripture Reading - Daniel 6:1-10


  • Sermon - The Lions in Daniel’s Den

    Rev. Daniel Kwon

  • Response Praise

    Praise Team

  • Offering


  • Offering Prayer

    Rev. Daniel Kwon

  • Benediction

    Rev. Daniel Kwon

  • Announcements

    Sunjoo Lee

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